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Welcome to Rooibos Boerboels!          

Welcome to Rooibos Boerboels, home to the South African Boerboel.

We are a small breeding program in the mid-western region of the United States of America.  Our unwavering commitment is the ennoblement and improvement of this magnificent breed through the rigorous selection of breeding stock, study of genetics, temperament and health testing, and obedience training.  Because we are a small breeding program we are able to maintain the highest of standards, never compromising on quality for the sake of convenience or quality.  

Our dogs are members of our family and travel and participate in life with us whenever possible. As a result, we demand that a dog not simply look good, but must be absolutely stable in temperament, hearty in health, and functionally sound in all aspects. All of our dogs complete the canine good citizenship and therapy dog certification standards at a minimum. We only purchase puppies whose parents have been tested and found free of any genetically transferable defects of health or function and whenever possible we temperament test puppies prior to selection. These safeguards require considerable effort and are often expensive, but they ensure that puppies purchased with the Rooibos name come with a guarantee against any inheritable health defects an owner might later face with a dog they have already become attached to. No matter which breeder you choose to work with, pay particular attention not simply to what they say, but what they leave out. Some breeders avoid testing their dogs because of the expense (passing the expense on to you in vet bills and heartache later), or when such a test will expose a health concern that is already apparent to them. They will often focus on appraisal scores of parents with no consideration of the temperament or genetically inheritable diseases that would be passed on to your puppy. Demand breeders show you up to date health tests and temperament tests for both parents when purchasing a puppy. We believe that a dog that can’t be tested can’t be trusted! One of the most common problems facing puppy buyers today is that the cute little pup bought last year becomes the unstable owner aggressive and dog aggressive adult this year.

Larger breeding programs will influence the breed by their sheer numbers, we seek to do so through faithfulness to an absolute and uncompromising standard that cannot be matched or maintained by large programs.  ALL of our breeding stock will meet and exceed the health and confirmation criteria for S.A.B.T. Stud Registry and our demands for stable temperament, or they will not be used in our program!  Very few breeding programs have committed themselves to such standards, but in time we hope more will do so for the sake of the breed.  There are plenty of great dogs out there, so we feel there is no justification for using average to good dogs when we can do better, and excellence demands it. 

SABT Member 111397

Completed EBBASA breeders course 2011

Completed SABT Breeders Course 2013

Completed SABT Appraisers Course 2013 (Junior Appraiser)